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Kingfisher Meadow, Horsford
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Landscape and ecology


The landscape proposals aim to create a cohesive, integrated development which is sustainable and enhances the setting of the new homes.

The landscape design will soften and integrate with the wider development. Landscape features on the site will include the planting of trees, native hedges and ornamental plants, all of which will help blend into the local setting. Where appropriate, existing key trees will be retained.

The majority of new homes are to have landscaped front and rear gardens, providing a high quality residential environment. The existing boundary planting will be retained where possible and enhanced, assisting in screening adjacent properties whilst integrating green routes and ecological corridors. 



Surface water runoff from new homes will be directed to a soakaway drainage system, which allows water to percolate back into the earth close to where it falls.

Foul water drainage will be pumped to an existing adopted sewer on Holt Road.


The image to the right shows an example of a sustainable drainage feature.