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David Wilson Homes submit fresh plans for Kingfisher Meadows Phase 2

11 Jul 2019

David Wilson Homes are pleased to announce that their planning application for the re-plan of phase two of their development at Kingfisher Meadows, on land east of Holt Road, has been validated by Broadland District Council. They hope to receive a decision on the proposals in Autumn 2019 and you can view the plans on the Council’s planning portal here.

The second phase of development at the site was originally approved by Broadland District Council’s Planning Committee in March 2017. However, following discussions with the Council’s planning officers, David Wilson Homes have now submitted a re-plan of the approved scheme to better meet the local community’s need for market and affordable housing.

The final planning application comprises:

  • A mix of 304 high quality new homes, including a total of 91 new affordable rent, discount market and shared ownership homes
  • 1.47ha of onsite green public open space and children’s play space for new and existing residents to enjoy
  • Funding for offsite public open space and local infrastructure

The proposals were finalised following a meaningful consultation, which included one-to-one meetings with stakeholders and neighbouring residents, and the feedback received directly helped to shape the final proposals. In response to feedback, the scheme has been carefully designed to provide a mix of homes that better meet the needs of the local community, whilst redistributing green open space across the site. The proposal has also maintained, and in some areas increased, the distances between existing properties and proposed new homes.

David Wilson Homes are committed to maintaining a positive dialogue with the local community to deliver the best development possible. You can view the full breakdown of how the feedback received has been used to evolve the proposed re-plan in the Statement of Community Involvement submitted alongside the planning application.

David Wilson Homes are also continuing to work with Norfolk County Council Highways to improve the safety of the roundabout on Holt Road. They have improved visibility by cutting back trees and bushes as well as installing a gateway feature and additional chevron signage. David Wilson Homes are working with Norfolk County Council Highways to find a permanent solution with Norfolk advising that they will be immediately implementing a temporary reduced speed limit whilst the final details of a scheme to improve the safety of the roundabout is agreed and completed.