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The 10.91 hectare site is located in a sustainable location on the north eastern edge of Horsford. It is adjacent to David Wilson Homes' Butterfly Mill development.

Horsford is recognised as a sustainable location, with a good range of services and facilities. The site is adjacent to the existing David Wilson development off Mill Lane, which is allocated for development in the council's Local Plan.

We are bringing forward these proposals to help address local housing demand. According to Zoopla, house prices in Horsford have more than doubled in the last 20 years and risen by around 25% in the last five years alone.

Much of this increase in price is driven by the supply of housing failing to keep up with an increase in demand. Increasing the supply of housing is crucial to addressing this affordability crisis.

Following internal review of the phase scheme, proposals are being put forward to reflect a better use of valuable greenfield land, this will be achieved through the introduction of additional homes on the site, however this change will not affect the ongoing works in phase one.


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